ABD 2019

Conference Topics

Better performance through data. As more and more companies are moving up the analytics maturity curve, a new wave of competition is underway: building analytics-driven organizations. With deepening capabilities, accelerated computing power and explosive data growth, artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to tackle the world’s most complex social problems.

At ABD 2019, we’re looking to explore the possibilities of disruptive technologies and demystify their impacts on how we work and how we live.


Topic 1: Analytics for Good

Without a doubt advanced analytics initiatives are boosting productivity and providing economic benefit in many corporate and profit-driven industries. But is there a higher calling for AI? Where have we seen real progress in leveraging analytics for the greater good such as improving global food security or more generally aiding the underprivileged? What combination of emerging technology, business savvy and political will is required to build sustainable initiatives?


Topic 2: The Future of Work

The convergence of AI and a plethora of other technologies is poised to make automation a reality in many industries. As a society, are we equipped to confront the idea of a jobless economy? This panel focuses on the incremental lift generated by emerging technology and its effects on individuals and society. Most importantly, what can we do to prepare for this inevitable shift in the workforce both as organizations and employees?


Topic 3: AI and Tech Superpowers: Beyond 5G

With the recent media momentum surrounding enabler technologies such as 5G, how will the Sino-US competition in 5G affect advanced analytics adoption? How does the increasingly complex and connected world enable the next batch of hyped applications such as augmented reality, edge computing and digital assistants? What are we doing right here in Canada to stay competitive?


Topic 4: Scaled AI - Delivering on the hype of AI

The rise of open source software adoption in even the most stringent of corporate environments has undoubtedly played a large role in advanced analytics adoption. With increasing pressure coming from stakeholders and investors, proving the value of analytics use cases will only become an increased focus. Can we deliver what we promised? How can we clarify the myths of pushing analytics effectiveness across the organization? How can we truly scale AI adoption across different industries? 


Topic 5: Customer Experience Reimagined

Personalization, single-view of customer, targeted marketing - customer analytics has been called many things in many industries for many years. As one of the earliest cross-industry areas to leverage analytics, customer analytics is constantly evolving and so has the modern consumer. How do we balance the future of increasingly “personalized” experiences against proper governance and privacy? What are the long-term implications of the technologies on the way we live, travel, entertain and beyond? What incentive structures both in society and business must we re-think to ensure the customer experience truly benefits the holistic well-being of the “customer”?