ABD's September Book Recommendations

Where are we on our various learning goals? We have curated a list of books and articles that are related to artificial intelligence, technology and their applications in business and life that should ignite the curiosity. Hope this can help you jump start your reading goals. 

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Julia McKeownComment
ABD Talk Episode 2: Demystify Agile with Tom Sommerville

September for ABD is about getting down to the practical discussions on what really happens in the industry and what we can do to accelerate analytics adoption. It is undeniable that many organizations have been using agile to drive organizational changes, improve project effectiveness, and respond to ever-changing customer requirements.

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Michelle LiuComment
How I Cope with the Boring Days of Deploying Machine Learning

This September, Analytics By Design (ABD) extended its current scope of content by inviting experienced professionals within our network to share their ideas, stories and lessons with us. Our first feature was written by Ian Xiao, an Engagement Manager at Dessa, who discusses the sometimes boring reality of working in Data Science. Stay tuned for more feature blogs!

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