ABD Talks Episode 1: Scale AI with Pavel Abdur-Rahman from IBM

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A week before 2019 ABD conference, we invited Pavel Abdur-Rahman, the partner and the head of data science at IBM, to share his views on the industry adoption of AI. In 2018, Pavel jokingly told the audience that part of his job is to put all data scientists out of a job. This time, Pavel shared his new observations since we spoke last time. 

Pavel speaks at the ABD 2019 Conference.

Pavel speaks at the ABD 2019 Conference.

On the topic of “how to transition from ad-hoc data science to scaled AI across the organization”, Pavel emphasizes on the value schedule alignment across digital leadership, internal governing body and the partnering ecosystem. 

  • Digital leadership: What is the value with digital and analytics ? 

Many organizations might claim they want to accelerate AI adoption but only a few can declare the true values that are generated from the digital and analytics initiatives. 

  • Internal Governance and Supports: How does the internal system to support ?

  • Partnering Ecosystem: How do we engage the whole partnering ecosystem like start-ups and vendors?

In addition to building technological infrastructures, Pavel also highlights the importance of clarifying the target operating model and building up a sustainable financial model. At the end of the talk, Pavel encourages business leaders to build a cognitive enterprise by recognizing data as both assets and liability on the balance sheet.

Event Announcement: Scaled Analytics Project Management Panel on Oct 3

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Interested in learning more about how to effectively scale AI across organizations? Don’t forget to check out the upcoming panel on “Scale Analytics Project Management Panel” on Oct 3, 2019 in Toronto.

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About Speaker

Pavel Abdur-Rahman

Pavel Abdur-Rahman is a Partner & Head of Data Science Consulting Practice based out of Canada. This growing global team (strategists, data scientists & software engineers) co-create industry specific solutions to drive 10X+ revenue growth and cost reduction opportunities. In addition to his role at IBM, he frequently speaks at Global Conferences and advises Venture Capital & Private Equity Funds, Governments and Queen's Smith School of Business. A collection of Pavel's top stories are available at: www.pavelrahman.ca

For more than a decade, Pavel has been serving the top management of multinationals in North America, Europe and Asia across many sectors, including Financial, Natural Resources and Public Sector. He is responsible for leading strategy & delivery teams to support AI, Advanced Analytics, Robotics and Quantum Computing initiatives, while developing strong long term client relationships.

Pavel has been identified as IBM’s Top Performer (Top 10%) and enrolled in several Executive Leadership Development programs. He has a bachelor in Industrial (Operations Research) Engineering from University of Toronto and masters in Data Science & Advanced Analytics from Queen's University.

The IBM Team at the 2019 Analytics By Design Conference.

The IBM Team at the 2019 Analytics By Design Conference.

Analytics by Design would like the thank IBM for being a sponsor and strong supporter of our organization. IBM brings valuable insight into the future of artificial intelligence and analytics through speaking at our conferences and participating in podcasts. We look forward to collaborating with them more in the future! Thank you IBM!