Calling for Analytics by Design 2020 Volunteers

Are you passionate about the intersection of technology, design, and digital transformation?

This is your chance to join a group of fun and innovative professionals who believe in the future of cross-collaboration between Analytics, Digital, and Design.

ABD volunteers collaborate to share networking events, articles, podcasts, and videos. We also work on hosting the Analytics by Design conference, which in July 2019 drew 500 industry attendees, 40 speakers, and 15 partners and sponsors.

We want to do much more and need your help to grow our influence and impact in the community. As a volunteer, you will be challenged with coming up with creative ways to solve existing operational challenges, discover and define new services and product offerings to the ABD community. You will be encouraged to learn new tools and skills that you may not have gotten a chance to use before. You’ll also be given amazing opportunities to network directly with industry leaders supporting our events / featured in our work.

What positions are available?

Mia and Carolyn were interviewing attendees and speakers at the 2019 Conference.

Mia and Carolyn were interviewing attendees and speakers at the 2019 Conference.

  • Marketing Content Writer & Campaign Manager (6)

  • Digital Content Creator (6)

  • Tech Enablement (2) 

  • Sponsorship (2)

  • Finance (2)

  • Operations (6)

  • Writer (10)

We offer flexible commitment and will work with you to define a level of contribution that is sustainable.

What is the Application Process?

We understand applying for any positions take time and effort. We want to minimize the frustrations of waiting for several rounds of interviews by offering candidates with a highly tailored and targeted application process: 

Step 1: Apply online: Fill out this application form and attach your CV.

Step 2: We will reach out for a “Get-to-know-You” conversation (20 mins). You can choose from the following two formats:

  • Interviewer-led conversation: In this format, an ABD interviewer will ask you questions, and you are expected to give out short answers to each question, for a total of 3 to 5 questions related to your experience, interests and growth areas. 

  • Interviewee-led conversation: In this format, you are in charge. You will be driving the entire conversation yourself and tell us what you would like us to know. 

Community Networking Event

Step 3: We will follow up with a “Let’s define your plan” conversation (approximately 30-45 mins).

If you receive an email about having the second conversation, this means we believe you would be a good fit judging from our previous process. Of course, if you decide to take the second round with us, it means you still want to be part of the ABD 2020 recruitment. During the call, you are expected to outline the key areas that you would like to work on and the specific experience that you are looking for. This would be a dialogue between ABD executives and you on creating a plan for your first few months of involvement. 

We look forward to your application!


Listen to what ABDers have to say about their experiences

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Analytics by Design is a volunteer-run community devoted to exploring the possibilities at the intersection of technology, design and digital transformation.

Analytics by Design began in 2018 as communities in technology, design and analytics come together to share knowledge, and perspectives converged. Today, we explore a wide range of topics – from discovering novel business applications of analytics, to sharing trends in disruptive technologies, to evangelizing important societal problems that AI might bring globally – in the format of conferences, articles, podcasts and videos.

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