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next Event: oCT 03 2019

Scaled Analytics Panel

Summary: an in-depth panel on how to use project management to drive AI adoption.

Scaling analytics through effective project management.

On Oct. 3, Analytics By Design (ABD) invites project management and analytics leaders to share their thoughts on how the two disciplines intersect and synergize from each other. The panel aims to explore best project management practices that can make AI-related projects more successful and organizational analytics initiative more scalable.

Learning more on how to weave-in AI and similar functions in project management is just the start for the event. You’ll have opportunities to connect with both project managers and analytics leaders. Whether you are the traditional project manager interested in leveraging analytics or if you’re simply looking to better manage analytics projects within your organization, this event would be a good opportunity to provide you with more insights.

See you there!


Event Panelists



Cody McGee

Senior Product Manager, BMO


Sarah Siu

Data Science Lead, Shopify


Michelle Liu

Dir. New Market Initiatives, Zafin

Steve Holder

Head of Strategy & Innovation, SAS


Anne-Flore Elard

Dir. of Analytics, Rubikloud


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