Jodi Baker Calamai, Partner, Human Capital Consulting, Deloitte

JBC Bio Pic.jpg

Jodi leads Deloitte’s Canadian HR transformation financial services practice - bringing deep expertise in digitizing and reimaging HR to deliver an exceptional workforce experience to a global, diverse, and digital (native & immigrant) workforce.

 A future of work enthusiast, Jodi is experienced in using design thinking to put the workforce at the center of the experience - through change campaigns, process enablement, HCM cloud, and HR operating model definition.

 Constantly sought out by clients and colleagues for complex HR transformation journeys, Jodi has partnered with over 40 organizations across Canada, the US, the Caribbean, the UK and Mainland Europe.

 A published author, Jodi has written a book on the topic of global HR transformation and a number of articles on the topic of HR shared services, HR outsourcing, and HR metrics. Most recently she co-sponsored a report called the Design of Everyday Men focused on exploring gender equality by talking to an unlikely source: men. Jodi is also the 2019 Canadian sponsor of Deloitte’s Global HC trends report.

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