Joseph Kurian, Senior Advisor - Advanced Technologies Investments, Province of Ontario, Advanced Technologies, AI

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Joseph Kurian is a Senior Advisor with the province of Ontario (economic development) in the Advanced technologies area. He brings 20 years of unique professional experience across private and public sector in the information technology industries and government, and has worked across North America, Asian and European markets and prestigious clients including the Bank of Switzerland and the Singapore Pension Fund.


Joe has an engineering degree in computer science with an MBA in strategy and started his career leading innovation in the tech industry where he led the development of award-winning software products in electronic tolling systems, automotive emissions tracking systems and international banking trade settlement systems.


He then his expertise to transform government, starting with digital transformation of Ontario's Drive Test program that serves over 9 million Canadians every day, delivers over 13,000 road tests every day across, and managing Ontario's first e-learning platform to educate and certify car mechanics.


After that Joe moved to building industry policy to transform Ontario to an Innovation economy pillared on AI, Quantum and related technologies, directing high performance policy /strategy teams to support the creation of key institutions such as Vector Institute for AI, Quantum Valley Labs, Autonomous Vehicles Innovation Network etc. He also led policy initiatives to review and refresh Ontario’s Venture Capital strategy to deploy over $500 M in strategic funding to support new technology frontiers.


He then worked in the AI, VR, Smart Cities, 5G, Robotics areas leading investment attraction to establish R and D hubs, industry-academic partnerships, where he worked across incubators, campus accelerators and regions to shepherd inventions from ideation to commercialization. He has consistently presented to global industry delegations constituted by C suite executives and built a successful track record as a powerful presenter to pitch for Ontario and build strategic relationships.


Joe has mentored SMEs to develop pathways to become world-leading companies, have been recognized for thought leadership and am frequently invited to speak at global AI conferences. He serves on the advisory board of several strategic organizations. 


he recently completed a Next Canada specialized program in AI Strategy & Business Applications developed in partnership with MIT Labs, and brings a unique blend of expertise and leadership across technology, business strategy, and policy development, with familiarity in Cabinet decision making and experience leading and presenting policy recommendations to Cabinet Ministers.

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