Gayemarie Brown, CEO & Founder, Wintam Place Consulting


As the CEO and Founder of Wintam Consulting and former National Innovation Leader for Deloitte Canada, Gayemarie Brown has more than 25 years of digital transformation experience marrying emerging technologies with a business imperative. A Global Innovation Executive, she leverages digital technologies and channels with innovative business models to drive the transformation agenda.She is passionate about Artificial Intelligence and excited about the opportunity for businesses to leverage emerging technologies to deliver market value or accelerate timelines.  She is sought after Board Member for companies such as Prodigy Ventures, Groovetown Inc, MEND Nutrition and the DAIM Collective. She has led and launched new products and services to markets in highly technical and complex environments leveraging digital channels, analytics and innovation. She has delivered results for Fortune 500 companies and helps start-ups accelerate their growth and time to market strategies and is a key note speaker on the AI and impact to how we live, work and play.

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